Angela and Robert

When you combine one of your life passion’s with one of the biggest day’s of your life, chances are you are going to be shinning even if the sun may not be. Horses have always been a big part of angela’s life, so her and Robert decided to mary on the grounds of a horse farm our in St. Lazaar.
Some brides may have been disheartened by the fact that there were a few torrential downpours, and below normal temperatures on that supposedly summer day, especially since it was an outdoor venue, but not Angela. My husband bumped into her a few days after the wedding and he had asked how everything went, to which she replied:” Best day ever everything was amazing!” She was amazing from start to finish!







Photos courtesy of: Jessica Dozois @ Girls with Film Photography.

And here is another little view of the bigger centrepieces requested photo courtesy of my iPhone.



Suzanne and Peter

In this post you will see why you should not be hating on the succulents. Succulents are taking the floral design world by storm and with good reason… have you seen them, texture, color they have it all. I have recently been trying to slip them into conversations with brides with not much excitement. The scrunched nose, and look of :”are you crazy” often stumbles across their now doubtful faces of wether or not I am the right woman for the job.

Suzanne and Peter were the first couple that ever came to me with succulents being the number one item that wanted to not only include in their wedding flowers but to be a focal point… YAY!!!!…..Other requests included: free flowing, soft with punches of fuchsia.On top of their already very interesting design request, Suzanne wanted a floral accent piece. I was not lucky enough to receive a photo of it on Suzanne, so you are stuck seeing a picture of it on my head 🙂

See how it all came together below:
photo 2

photo 3




photo 1