Valentine’s Day -and yes, flowers work wonders.


Red all over. A warm gesture from the heart for Valentine’s Day.

There’s a reason why men can be seen running through the streets of Montreal on February 14th, in a bit of a craze. Valentine’s day tends to sneak up on a few of us every year. But as a florist it is hard to not have Valentine’s day circled a few thousand times on the calendar. Late nights, early mornings, and lots of war wounds later, one is not sure if they will actually survive the rush, however, as I have quickly realized Valentine’s day may just be my favourite holiday.

Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters and many others, all wanting to  express little gestures of love. Thinking about how my bouquets accompanied romantic candle light dinners, cupcake boxes, chocolates, love letters and kisses…adds the perfect amount of icing to an already beautiful valentine’s day cake. Thank you to all my clients for making my first Valentine’s day a wonderful experience.


One thought on “Valentine’s Day -and yes, flowers work wonders.

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