Ania + Olivier

sel-20160611-wedding-ania-olivier-1721Magog, a city in southeastern Quebec, about 120 km east of Montreal, is not unknown to many a Montrealer. It falls within the belt of the Eastern Townships tourist region and boasts cute restaurants, shops and stunning views. Nestled away through one of the many stunning tree lined roads is The Hermitage Club. It is a beautiful venue with magnificent views, and architectural buildings straight out of the vintage victorian era that will make any couple want to consider this as a potential venue.


I had lots of fun working with Ania. She was super down to earth, friendly and as it turns out works for the same company as my husband, queue the music for: “ It’s a small world after all”! We bounced around a lot of ideas, but were finally able to establish an elegant garden feel to fit perfectly with the venue all while incorporating her desired colour scheme.
 As a rule I try not single out one floral piece over another. To me, they all have their own story and role to play within an event. However, it is hard to hold back when you have an arch like this … WOW… It looks absolutely amazing, and having given birth 3 weeks before the wedding a girl is just going to go ahead and give herself a high five 🙂
 I love the arch trend that we have been seeing over the last couple of years and hope it continues. They are just so much fun to create and with the right hands turn into real show stoppers.
A special thank you to Allison at a Belle Affair Wedding & Events who is always a true pleasure to work with, and Brian at Brian DiCroce Photography for beautifully capturing the day and allowing me to share these with you. You can find their contact information at the end of the photos.





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