Winter Blues and The Tulips Cue


If you are anything like me, and suffer from the winter blues, the idea of spring has now replaced your wildest fantasy. I look forward to seeing the 10 foot snow bank at the end of my driveway melt into a small lake, but more than that i want to see my garden beds. I will probably walk by them dozens of times once they are revealed from their wintery slumber, with my view consisting of nothing more than wet dirt, but then one day they will be there. The green fleshy leaves of one of the first flowers to emerge in the spring….my tulips most likely a few less then last year since the squirrels probably helped themselves to a little snack or two but who can blame them.

For the history and science oriented fans in the crowd you should check out this link from PBS for the documentary entitled “The Botany of Desire”. When tulips first came on the scene in the flower world in 1634, it triggered what is known as tulip mania. The flower actually gained such popularity that is became expensive enough for the bulbs and flowers to be used as a form of currency.

I will refrain from going on and on, but appreciate the tulips they are amazing, and if you want to send a beautiful bouquet or arrangement to someone you love you know how to reach me.

A Little Love and a Blowtorch

Today I thought I would share my first major project, that launched me into the floral design career. You see at design school we cover all the basics that florists need to know, from bows to wiring flowers. Then of course comes the budgeting and the ever important aspect of listening. Yes there is a class, and tests on listening, which actually is the most important part when dealing with your clientele. You need to listen to them describe their dream verbally and turn it into a physical reality which if you are not listening, will lead to a very unhappy client. Of course now a days most people come prepared with pictures to help guide the inspiration.

Every so often a designer is given a “gift”, and by gift I mean the words :” I trust you , and I know that you will make it look beautiful.” Our final project when graduating  tapped into these words except there was no client. The pieces were were to be exhibited at the Montreal Botanical Gardens for their 2011 Rendez-vous Horticole. We were given a budget and told to basically go nuts.

The piece needed to meet certain design elements, as well as incorporate food in some way, since that was the theme of the agriculture exhibition.


My Friend Genvieve Blais and I worked as a team on the project and here was the beginning of our idea, a tree stump that was so nicely dragged all the way from Ontario. With a lot of love, we removed all the superficial roots keeping only the major branches and root systems, scrubbed, hosed, and once dried busted out the blow torch. Much to our delight we noticed while blowtorching on my driveway, and getting some rather odd looks from my neighbors, that the wood was becoming more and more red, with a slightly glazed appearance. The theme of the project was Renaissance, or the Re-birth. The idea was that even after a natural disaster event, such as a forest fire, that nature will always find a way to start over. We wanted to keep the flowers bright and colourful to maintain a strong contrast with the trunk, and with regards to the food aspect we chose artichokes to represent new blooms.

So here it is….


IMG_9145 IMG_9156

With our design skill let loose, we created our first masterpiece. We were very proud of how it turned out, more beautiful then we could have ever imagined. The best part  was that the public seemed to agree, seeing as it won the people’s choice award at the exposition that year.

A piece like this is truly unique, and I am still anxiously awaiting to incorporate such a piece into a beautiful outdoor event that could perhaps perk up the card table, gift table or even bar depending on the event of course.

January Pick Me Up


I have a wonderful client, who has an amazing boss who loves anything and everything when it comes to orchids in her flowers.It is her birthday this week and bouquet was needed. She is a fairly modern woman when it comes to her taste, but with floral design taking a turn in the more natural garden style i thought i would try to converge these two worlds in her bouquet today. I will only hear the verdict tomorrow, but I am hoping she will love it, and if not, then i will willingly sacrifice myself and accept it, and give her a more  modern structure which is also very beautiful.


A Love of Purple and Orange


Ryen tied the knot on a beautiful sunny day in June at the hotel Mont-Gabriel in St. Adele. Her colour scheme was orange and purple with the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces to be made up solely of orange gerberas, and the bridal bouquet and maid of honor bouquet to combine her color scheme to bring it all together.When designing centerpieces and bouquets, the element which is most important to me is texture. The smoothness of the hot chocolate calla’s and the whimsy of the agapanthus play in perfect harmony the romantic layered nature of the circus roses and the hydrangea. So even though a traditional bridal bouquet is round and tight, by combining the right elements, your eye can’t help but pick up on all the dimension and beauty that the flowers have to offer.

Another way to add special interest to a bridal bouquet is through the handle. Brides can chose to add sentimental pieces like family heirlooms, or just go crazy with any fabric they love that they wanted to use in their big day but were not sure how. Ryen chose to use leftover fabric from her wedding gown, along with the material from her bridesmaids gowns, braided together and joined by pearl accents. IMG_0250But everyone knows that nothing, is ever more beautiful then the Bride on her Wedding day.


Here is to 2013 and all the wondrous new possibilities..

Happy New Year everyone!

This year is looking to be one of the most wonderful of my life not only because we are expecting our first baby this coming April, but because clients have started to book weddings and there is nothing i love doing more sharing in peoples special days and helping to make it everything they dreamed of and more! So make sure to contact me early so we can get started on planning your special day.

On a side note i have made it part of my personal New Years resolutions to be better about my blogging and really taking my company to the next level, and look forward to sharing it with all of you.



Cynthia and Kosta

Cynthia and Kosta were a wonderful couple to work with. They were married on a beautiful day in May, and held their reception at the Vieux Port Steakhouse in Old Montreal. With Large Windows framed in black, and exposed brick walls, the Bride and Groom wanted a rustic yet classical look. Keeping the colours in a pure white with accents of greens, and using mason jars instead of a classic glass vase, the flowers warmed up the room instantly when placed on the tables.

I have also included a few photos of Kosta’s special request for his Bride to be. Kosta phoned me and asked if i could create an arrangement for the Bridal Suite so that Cynthia would have  something wonderful in her room while getting ready. Colourful is all he requested, and here is what i came up with…

Metis Gardens

Most of you may have never heard of Metis Beach but to my family and i it is our home away from home. Located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, it is about 4 hours from Quebec city, or 7-8 hours from Montreal depending on traffic of course! The first things that most people will notice when they arrive to the region are the incredible views of the water, the beautiful homes in a variety of colour and sizes, and then it hits them. The gardens….everyone has the just most spectacular garden!

Now I know what you may be thinking everyone who lives in the region must just a have magical green thumb, but alas, it is not true. Sure people love gardening there, and for most it is a passion, but you could abuse your garden all year round there and still end up with the most wild untamed jewel.

The Metis gardens are located just a few minutes from Metis Beach in Grand-Métis and is an internationally renowned horticulture facility.It is a place the tis not to be missed if you have a passion for gardening. The Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis betonicifolia)can be found in the gardens, but only during the peek summer months. I have included the link below so that you may explore further, along with a few personal shots. Enjoy!

Nadia and Mike

With the leaves just beginning to change colour, and a cool breeze in the air October had finally arrived, and so had Nadia’s and Mike’s big day. Being personal friends the pressure was on to make the flowers everything they dreamed of and more! Being such an easy going bride Nadia instilled a lot of confidence in me, beautiful and purple was what she wanted and that is exactly what she would get. Working fiendishly t’ill the wee hours in the morning, managed to get maybe an hour or two of sleep, loaded up the car with the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and countless number of centrepieces and headed off to the south shore. The look on Nadia’s face when she saw her bouquet is something that i will remember forever, she was so beautiful and so happy….. Thank you Nadia for allowing me to make your bouquet, those flowers were truly meant for you….

Valentine’s Day -and yes, flowers work wonders.


Red all over. A warm gesture from the heart for Valentine’s Day.

There’s a reason why men can be seen running through the streets of Montreal on February 14th, in a bit of a craze. Valentine’s day tends to sneak up on a few of us every year. But as a florist it is hard to not have Valentine’s day circled a few thousand times on the calendar. Late nights, early mornings, and lots of war wounds later, one is not sure if they will actually survive the rush, however, as I have quickly realized Valentine’s day may just be my favourite holiday.

Husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters and many others, all wanting to  express little gestures of love. Thinking about how my bouquets accompanied romantic candle light dinners, cupcake boxes, chocolates, love letters and kisses…adds the perfect amount of icing to an already beautiful valentine’s day cake. Thank you to all my clients for making my first Valentine’s day a wonderful experience.